Park Terrace I

Park Terrace I was MHAGH's first project. It was in danger of being converted to condominiums and MHAGH purchased and renovated it as permanently affordable housing.

Mission + History

The Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford, Inc. (MHAGH) was founded in 1988, when NeighborWorks® America brought together representatives of Hartford's corporate, resident, and public sectors to address the lack of permanently affordable housing in the region. At the time, the city of Hartford had very few vacant apartments, and many families were being displaced from their homes due to large-scale conversions to condominiums. For almost three decades MHAGH has developed new housing opportunities and preserved hundreds of existing affordable apartments . Today, MHAGH provides housing for almost five hundred households in six towns in Greater Hartford.

MHAGH has evolved over the years and expanded its business lines beyond real estate development. MHAGH is a real estate developer, property manager, housing educator, and community leader. It has gone beyond the bricks and mortar and provides its residents with unique opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency and develop personal goals. MHAGH continually adapts to the needs of its residents and community while staying focused on its mission:

The Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford creates communities of opportunity by developing and managing high quality, affordable housing, while engaging residents in educational and leadership opportunities.