Ready to Rent© Sessions Set to Begin

Today starts the fourth Ready to Rent© (R2R) session for members of the Hartford Job Corps Academy (HJCA) after a partnership was developed between MHAGH and HJCA in Fall 2017. Deborah Broaden, MHAGH’s Director of Education and Engagement, is on the Board of Directors for HJCA and facilitates the course. R2R walks participants through the process of renting an apartment, requires participants to develop a household budget, and teaches credit awareness and credit repair. The R2R course runs in three-week cycles, with new cohorts beginning eight times a year. Subjects include: how to open and maintain a checking and/or savings account, how to inspect an apartment, how to understand your lease, tenant and landlord responsibilities, and fair housing laws.

HJCA members are 16- to 24-year-olds who receive no-cost education and career technical training through a program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. R2R students are 18-to 24-year-olds who gain knowledge from the course and have a graduation ceremony when a session is complete. At the graduation ceremony, Ms. Broaden bestows each participant with a certificate that can be presented to future landlords. Says Ms. Broaden: “Teaching financial literacy and Ready to Rent© to the young adults of HJCA is very rewarding, as I am able to educate, empower, and provide them with life skills to obtain stable housing.”

Pictured from left: (front row) Kyle Brown, Tenia Franklin, Parris Bell, Lila Capers-Coleman; (back row) Jermaine Troupe, Zavier Garcia, Deborah Broaden, Donivin Rodriguez.